Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting crafty

I found this great jar at the 100 yen store....ok it was 200 yen but come on that is like not even $3 bucks.  I used the SU logo from the supply list.  Right now I have my embellishments in it.  When its time for a craft show I'm thinking free candy to get the ladies to the table.  Who can resist chocolate :)

I have been reorganizing my craft of that later.
But I have had time to get crafty!

I made this card for my pen pal.....I just have to say that i'm loving it.  I used the Mixed Bunch stamp set, along with the cordinating punch.....LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks for stopping by
Hoping you get alittle time to get crafty!!!



  1. Nifty idea using the SU logo on the jar! I love the mixed bunch stamp set. Following your blog.

  2. Hi Jennifer! I received your awesome card! I love that stamp set too.