Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying Something New

OWH has these great tutorial's .....It took me a couple days to wrap my fingers around it.  The hard part was deciding what paper to use.  I think I will try something brighter and lighter next time.  I also think I should have embossed the big black flower. Live and learn right? 

Thanks for stopping by....Have a blessed day!


  1. Very elegant looking card! Love it. So pretty!

  2. Great card...I really like the colors, lace and pearls. If you want a suggestion I would maybe draw a flower center around the pearls. It is elegant.

  3. Linda, Thanks so much for the suggestion. As soon as I read that I thought I should have put a contrast under those pearls. I am going to try and outline a center around them though. I appreciate all suggestions!!!!

  4. Lovely card - pretty colour scheme as well. You make really cool cards! I came across your blog while I was blog surfing. I am going to become your follower.

    xxx Monica